10 Incredible Microlearning Trends Shaping 2021


One of the popular catchphrases in offices around the world lately is micro education.  But what is microlearning exactly, and how is it different from a quick Google search?  The microlearning definition states this is a form of learning that offers small size units and delivers bits of knowledge in highly focused nuggets, giving the […]

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17 Trends in Educational Technology That Will Define 2021

Looking at 2021, the up-and-coming trends in educational technology include Head Mounted Devices (HMD) or Virtual Reality (VR) and Immersed Virtual Reality (IVR); Augmented Reality (AR), Electronic Books (ebooks), and other online digital tools.  The thing is: When we speak of education and technology, the exciting new trends are all about enhancing the learning environment […]

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25+ Alarming UK Exam Stress Statistics for 2021

Did you know that 50% of people with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14? Most of these cases have a stress-related background.  Stress in children may lead to deterioration of their mental health.  What’s more:  Teenage exam stress statistics show that more and more students want to know how […]

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19+ Study Abroad Statistics Every Student Should Know

Have you ever wondered how many students study abroad?  Worldwide, nearly five million students are enrolled in higher education institutions outside their country.  That’s huge! But it’s just one of the mind-blowing study abroad statistics we’ve prepared for you. The thing is: Students are increasingly aware of the many professional, social, and personal benefits of […]

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16 Massive Mobile Learning Statistics [Curated in 2021]

In recent years, digital education has shot up both in value and reach. And as smartphone ownership grows steadily among students and learning materials become increasingly digitised, mobile learning statistics state that it is an important trend in digital education.  But what is mobile learning? Let’s break down the concept:  A unit of online learning, […]

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How to Write an Academic CV [Complete Guide for 2021]

Writing an academic CV is a fundamental step in your application process right after you’ve shortlisted the places to apply. It is the foremost document to demonstrate your knowledge, areas of expertise, and proof of work to further your candidacy in academic jobs or research programmes. Before learning how to write an academic CV, let’s […]

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