The Trust

Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust (CHAT) is the Charitable Trust established in 2010 to run and manage four Primary and one Secondary Academies serving approximately 2500 children. Based in Enfield we are focused on driving up the quality of education provision and standards. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff to share this commitment and follow our safer recruitment practices.

Our goal is to provide outstanding education and life changing opportunities for all our children. We want to be recognised for academic excellence and having a reputation for giving pupils the critical skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in education, employment and life, you will therefore need a good understanding about your role within the Trust.

CHAT has a free onsite car park for staff and a subsidised canteen for lunches. CHAT have a cash benefits scheme through Health Shield and can offer a generous pensions scheme through the LGPS.

Purpose of the Job

To undertake education support duties and assist the teaching staff in meeting the day to day needs of the pupils in their care, to enable the teacher. To lead English and Mathematics groups, SEN and other intervention groups and work one to one with pupils.

Key Responsibilities


  • Participate in the planning of lessons as appropriate, following rigorous training and induction.
  • Assist teaching staff in additional planning of work programmes for individuals and groups of children.
  • Provide pupils with the level and type of support specified by the teacher or senior staff member, whilst at the same time encouraging the pupils towards independence and accepting responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Assess children’s learning, using technology, at regular intervals throughout the year during group teaching, whole-class support and interventions.
  • Work under the direction of the teaching staff and senior leadership team to prepare and maintain an effective learning environment, preparing work materials and apparatus and clearing up afterwards.
  • Keep such records of the children’s development as are required.
  • Demonstrate flexibility at short notice and be open to covering classes should the senior leadership team require this.
  • Deliver basic first aid to children within lessons should it be required.


  • Undertake playground supervision during the mid-morning, lunchtime and/or afternoon breaks and to deal with unruly behaviour and, where necessary, reporting difficulties to a member of the teaching staff.
  • Supervise children during breakfast club or after school care sessions as required.
  • To design activities, which promotes and reinforce children’s confidence, team working abilities and independence through play.
  • To encourage and support pupils to develop their own appropriate games.
  • To organise groups of pupils for activities, ensuring children are appropriately selected and no child is favoured over another one.
  • To collect and store play equipment prior to and at the end of each lunchtime period. Undertake initial health and safety assessment of the suitability of the play equipment prior to use. Report any faulty equipment to an appropriate member of staff.
  • Set up play equipment ready for pupils to participate in organised games during the lunch period.
  • Check that pupils are wearing suitable clothing and footwear for outside play and organised games. Make sure that pupils have due regard to safety and good behaviour at all times.
  • Actively encourage pupils to have fun and participate in games making certain that they are adequately supervised at all times.
  • Sensitively encourage and support the integration of pupils with special needs or disabilities into organised games and activities, where applicable.
  • Organise appropriate lunchtime activities for pupils in the event of a wet lunchtime when no outside play is possible in accordance with wet play procedures.
  • Control the dinner queue making sure pupils queue in an orderly manner. Record details of which pupils have had meals.
  • Encourage pupils to eat (including those with packed lunches) especially those with special needs or disabilities. Be aware of pupils on special or restricted diets for medical reasons.
  • Encourage independent eating, enhancing social skills and good table manners while the children are eating.
  • Ensure safety with knives and forks. Ensuring pupils tidy/clear up in a satisfactory manner.
  • Promoting children’s health by assisting them with healthy eating options.
  • Cleaning spillages in accordance with the appropriate procedure, where such spillages are dangerous to pupils/staff
  • Deliver basic or paediatric first aid during break / lunch / breakfast club /after school care should the need arise.


  • Promote positive pupil behaviour in line with school policies by the use of praise and encouragement.
  • Establish a supportive relationship with the children and parents concerned.
  • Encourage acceptance and inclusion of children with special needs.
  • Promote and reinforce children’s self-esteem.
  • Take part in training activities offered by CHAT to further knowledge.
  • Abide by and work towards all the policies within the school e.g. Safeguarding, Health and Safety.
  • Liaise regularly with colleagues and/or take part in planning meetings, inset days and any other meetings as required.
  • Undertake any other appropriate duties as requested by the Senior Leadership Team.
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