Main duties

  1. Ensure the admission, enrolment, and registration of students at university levels for various programs and work closely with UK universities to track the issuance of CAS documents for all students studying in the UK.
  2. Develop a close operational partnership with the internal Student Support teams of UK Universities to actively participate in key events and activities, such as student enrolments, registration and securing CAS details, induction/orientation programs and wellbeing events, academic change requests.
  3. Assist, in case needed; all students to complete enrolment and registration application forms with UK universities/ authorities and ensure all documentation is submitted to the relevant bodies.
  4. Provide a frontline support service, in identifying and resolving student issues, and where specialist service interventions have been identified, to ensure that the necessary referrals are made efficiently and professionally to the Counselling Team, Student Services, other Academic departments and/or external organizations, where applicable.
  5. Help new students with opening new bank accounts, finding suitable accommodation and provide financial guarantees, if necessary, in coordination with QP, in addition to hospitals and clinics when necessary.
  6. Liaise with UK Universities to obtain academic progression updates for sponsored students as well as undertake graduation related key tasks (Certificate Legalization)
  7. Supervise and observe student attendance records and academic performance to share them with QP and take necessary action with the purpose of maintaining discipline and identifying students with specific challenges proposing solutions to overcome these challenges.
  8. Collect and review feedback from students by appropriate means, as part of the Registry continuous quality improvement plan.
  9. Ensure QP has the most recent updated contact information for all students, including home addresses, as well as university focal point information.
  10. To use triage skills to identify important or urgent issues and ensure that they are escalated appropriately to the relevant support services.
  11. Provide information, advice, and support to students on a range of personal and academic issues through structured sessions and informal drop ins.
  12. Efficiently assess the student’s need, to enable appropriate onward referrals and make recommendations for ongoing support.
  13. Maintain appropriate records and management information statistics in relation to the frontline service, and facilitate information sharing to ensure effective service delivery in a shared environment.
  14. Prepare and disseminate a range of information and guidance materials.
  15. Develop appropriate and effective ways of communicating with students and University staff and QP Scholarship team.
  16. Maintain a working knowledge and understanding of policies, issues and legislation relating to personal and academic issues across UK Universities/ authorities.
  17. Act as a focal point for assigned students for all Personal, Financial, Legal and Academic issues.


  1. Educated to degree level. (Psychology, Business, HR or Education Major preferred)
  2. Post graduate qualifications related to student support/Counselling or Education Management (preferred)
  3. Experience in working with young adults, students, parents as well Educational Institutions.
  4. Extensive knowledge and experience with university enrolments, placement testing and career, personal, and educational assessments.
  5. Delivering support to a wide range of learner needs (Student Enrolment, Academic Progression, Certification Support, etc…- Preferred)
  6. Knowledge of Further and Higher Education legalization and Operations in the UK.
  7. Experience in delivering high quality customer service, with the demonstration of a strong understanding of how to respond to differing stakeholders’ needs.
  8. Experience in developing good working relationships (e.g., partnerships) with colleagues from different parts of a company across different countries, showing understanding of the interdependencies that affect the work of other staff/teams in an organization.
  9. Comfortable with using Technology solutions including Learning Management Solutions (LMS) to keep track of student academic records as well as for communication purposes.
  10. Bilingual (English & Arabic) Preferred.


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