How are you giving back to the community? Have you considered volunteer tutoring as a way to make a positive impact and help others? 

The thing is:

By providing free tutoring, you aren’t only giving out your knowledge and time. You’re also getting the opportunity to be a part of international organisations, upgrade your knowledge, network, and gain valuable experience that can make your CV stand out.

If you’re willing to work as a tutor, why not explore some online volunteer tutoring opportunities? You can easily start by searching for ‘tutoring agencies near me’, ‘tutoring jobs near me’, or ‘volunteering in schools near me’. Later on, you can check out some education charities in London and choose where you’d like to become a private tutor.

Today, we’re going to go over the volunteer tutoring roles you can apply for if you want to be a tutor. You’ll also learn more about the contribution that volunteer tutors are making for children around the world, and the regions in the UK that you can find the best volunteer tutoring. Check out the positions that can be fit from primary school tutoring up to places that require an academic tutor.

Popular Volunteer Tutor Jobs in 2021

Volunteer Tutor

Job Description

The Volunteer Tutor should be able to step up and take the initiative to provide tutoring to disadvantaged students, helping them meet the requirements to continue their education. Being a tutor means that you will guide students to be qualified once they leave primary or secondary school. The Volunteer Tutor should help students build subject knowledge and study skills. 

Additionally, the Volunteer Tutor should set an example to students and be a positive role model they can learn from. As a Volunteer Tutor, you’ll be expected to volunteer in schools and provide attention and assistance to individuals or small groups of students. 

General Responsibilities

Some of the general responsibilities that every individual who offers volunteer teaching should fulfill are the following:

  • Tutor the students according to the given curriculum and schedule by applying the right methodology.
  • Fulfill mandatory training session and other knowledge and skills sessions. Attend teaching staff meetings. 
  • Engage students with literature – writing, reading, and listening.
  • Work closely with the coordinator of the volunteer programme. They are the number one contact whenever you are not able to attend classes, have any issues, etc.
  • As a primary school volunteer, you might be asked to work outside of the classroom with individuals who are unable to keep up with the programme in the classroom.
  • Fill in a monthly report and an evaluation form every three months.
  • Keep up to date with the literacy programme.
  • Use a student-centred approach to tutoring.
  • Keep records of the students’ development and progress.
  • Help students with their homework and inspire them to read and write daily.
  • Provide constant feedback and support to children.

Key Skills and Competencies

Every volunteer tutoring CV should feature the following skills and competencies:

  • Volunteer tutoring requires a high school diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience tutoring disadvantaged students is preferable but not required.
  • A completed application and background check form.
  • Willingness to learn and master a variety of tutoring techniques.
  • Read and write comfortably in English, have maths knowledge, and be knowledgeable in any other subject that you’re going to teach.
  • Be sensitive to cultural differences.
  • Be available to tutor a minimum of a full quarter.
  • Be patient, understanding, emphatic, confidential, non-judgemental, and flexible.
  • Good communication skills due to the daily interactions with the students, volunteer coordinator, and teaching staff.
  • A private tutor CV has to revolve around your interest in children’s education.
  • Ability to commit and attend every session, be prepared and on time. 
  • Understand the role of tutoring in problem solving and know the basics on how to tutor.

Salary and Job Outlook

Since this is a volunteer tutoring position, there is no salary for the services. Some companies will cover the travelling expenses for the volunteers up to £5 per tutoring session. 

The position offers a lot of space for learning and professional development, as well as free training as compensation for the tutoring sessions.

Voluntary Teaching Assistant

Job Description

Most volunteer tutoring in London revolves around providing assistance to the teacher. Sometimes, there are two volunteer tutoring assistant positions, just so they can rotate according to the teacher’s schedule. 

The Voluntary Teaching Assistant’s purpose is to help qualified teachers in teaching students up to the age of 18. This includes assistance in primary tutoring as well as secondary tutoring. Voluntary teaching assistants work with individual students, small groups, or the whole class. 

General Responsibilities

The responsibilities of volunteer tutoring assistants are the following:

  • Take an active part in ongoing training provided by the class coordinator.
  • Support the teacher when delivering the lesson.
  • Support the students throughout the curriculum, with a focus on maths, reading, and writing. Make sure they’re getting the most of their learning.
  • Put in additional effort and work with students who are falling behind the others. 
  • Possibility to overtake the teaching responsibility when the teacher is not available. This responsibility is not required everywhere and depends on the abilities and willingness of the Voluntary Teaching Assistant.
  • Follow the programme, materials, and activities that are prepared and initiated by the teacher. 
  • Closely monitor the progress and development of the students. Inform the teacher whenever there are issues with certain students.
  • Communicate and interact daily with the volunteer coordinator and other teaching staff.
  • Motivate and encourage the students, as well as build a positive relationship with them.

Key Skills and Competencies

There are many charity organisations with tutor wanted open positions, and there is no need for a formal qualification. Some of the characteristics that teaching assistants should have are enthusiasm, energy, imagination, patience, responsibility, and adaptability. The basic skills and competencies for such voluntary tutoring assistants are the following:

  • Excellent reading, writing, and maths skills.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Volunteer tutoring requires organisational skills and reliability.
  • Some kind of experience in education is preferred; however, it’s not essential. 
  • Confidence and creativity.
  • Supportive and understanding when interacting with students who speak English as a second language.
  • Ability to work with students from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Committed and reliable.
  • Supportive of students who might be dealing with issues or have personal troubles.

Salary and Job Outlook

Volunteer teaching UK is unpaid; however, most organisations will cover travel expenses with public transport. 

volunteer tutoring

Why Volunteer Tutoring Is Crucial for Our Children’s Future

The importance of education is immense. During the education process, students acquire knowledge, build up their character, and learn social skills to use further on. In fact, the correlation between education and professional success is very high. Students who have proper education usually excel in their career afterwards. 

However, we sometimes take education for granted and think that it’s available to all, disregarding students from poorer backgrounds. 

The truth is:

Even if all students have access to education, those from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t have the tools available to other students to learn and educate themselves. This includes access to study material and able tutors. As a result, their academic results are usually poorer than those of students who come from well-off backgrounds. 

As statistics show, only 44% of students from disadvantaged backgrounds would get a grade 4 in English and Maths. And the percentage of other students obtaining a grade 4 or higher is 71%. So, the difference is huge. 

To make matters worse: 

A full 28% of students in state schools are classified as disadvantaged. Click To Tweet

This is where volunteer tutoring comes in the picture. 

All those students whose families simply can’t afford to pay for a private tutor can get an education wherever there is a tutor needed. So, what does being a tutor mean?

Volunteer tutoring is all about supporting students who are unable to keep up with the progress others are making. It’s not only about boosting test results for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Putting in the effort to individually make a difference in a student’s life is at the heart of this job. It’s also one of its most rewarding aspects.

Luckily, institutional support is readily available: 

Tutors who want to make a change in a student’s life can become members of several tutoring websites in addition to searching for online tutoring jobs in the UK.

Top UK Regions for Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities 

Naturally, the largest number of volunteer tutoring vacancies can be found in Greater London. However, volunteer teaching UK opportunities are also available in various cities and regions where you can find volunteer tutoring jobs. 

Let’s have a look:


The charity Volunteer Tutors Organization (VTO) in Scotland offers volunteering possibilities, as does Volunteer Scotland. Currently, volunteer tutors are in high demand in Glasgow.


The organisation in Wales where you can find a volunteering opportunity is Volunteering Wales. The type of tutors required right now are youth tutors in Cardiff. Some of the requirements for this position are knowledge in maths, English, and science as well as availability to help in the organisation for one hour a week.

Northern Ireland 

The charity in Northern Ireland that you can become a member of is Conway Education. In addition to volunteer tutoring opportunities, you can also find other volunteering jobs.


When it comes to volunteer tutoring, candidates can explore online tutor jobs in the UK on various tutor websites in addition to Mark in Style

What’s more: 

Joining organisations such as Action Tutoring, Volunteer Tutor Organisation, and The Tutors’ Association is a fantastic opportunity to network and get volunteering experience. 

Bottom line:

The value of volunteer teaching goes beyond doing charity work. It makes a huge impact on the students’ life, while the tutor can gain invaluable experience and master new teaching techniques. Volunteer tutoring is not just one more position to build up your CV – it’s making a great difference for future generations.

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