About Us

Mark in Style is a recruitment service which specialises in connecting the best employers and job seekers in the UK education sector. 

We do our best to make sure employers enjoy a simple, straightforward job listing submission process. We have also made it easy for candidates to register with Mark in Style.

We have established processes that allow for quick hiring and multiple job searches.

At Mark in Style, we strive to display the best teaching job vacancies across the UK all in one place, so you don’t have to go through multiple platforms and job boards.

Meet the Team

Borislav Chernev

Dr Borislav Chernev – Founder

I’ve always had a passion for learning. And when I started working as a teaching assistant and, later, adjunct instructor as part of a PhD programme at American University in Washington, DC, I realised I also enjoyed teaching. Apparently, I was quite good at it, too.

After completing my doctoral studies, I lectured in modern European history at the universities of Newcastle and Exeter. 

It was around this time that I conceived the idea of Mark in Style as a bridge between the best employers and candidates in the UK education sector. I was lucky enough to come across some amazing people who helped me make this dream a reality. 

On the rare occasions when I’m not obsessing over the latest Department for Education guidelines, you can find me enjoying a pint of cask ale down the local pub. 

Kristina Laova – Community Manager

For me, being a teacher means so much more than mere lesson plan prep and actual teaching. It has kept me on my toes regarding both attending and organising workshops at international ELT conferences. They reveal a whole new world of innovative teaching resources and act as a spur to zestful teachers, not letting them run out of steam.

Spurred by my unrestrained passion for research and writing, I have written several articles on developing learning skills and conveying proper assessment of ESL students. My interest in cognitive linguistics paved the way towards earning an MA in English philology. 

My inquisitiveness about its socio-cultural aspect took me to Meisei University in Tokyo to do a project based on employing English as a lingua franca. As a community manager at Mark in Style, I’m firing on all cylinders to provide you with state-of-the-art teaching jobs, trends, and stats in an attempt to make this website become your go-to destination once you’re on the lookout for quality teaching content. 

When I’m not writing at my desk or teaching in the classroom, I transform myself into a keen traveller and an adventurous soul as curious as humanity.

The world is my oyster. 

YuliiaYuliia Litvinchuk – Content Coordinator

Hi there, let’s get acquainted, shall we? My name is Yuliia, and I’m an English teacher with a penchant for educational management and continuous professional development. I was born into a family of educators, so you could say it just runs in my blood.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to follow into my parents’ footsteps and make teaching my career path. Having worked as a teacher for five years now, I’ve learnt how to recognise and celebrate everyone’s differences and capabilities. It has enabled me to bring the best out of both my colleagues and my students.

When I have some time on my hands, I watch anime and read comics while munching on my favourite milk chocolate with almonds! I have a big sweet tooth.

Anastasija Dojchinovska – Content WriterAnastasija

The love of English literature and writing has always put me amidst two career paths – teaching ESL and writing. That’s why writing about education seems to fulfil these two passions of mine. I think that through education and writing we can all become better, teaching the next generation of explorers how to keep being curious. 

Writing and reading about education can give us a clearer insight into the effects that each education act has had. When we gather all that info, our decisions will have a positive impact on the education system – in the UK and globally.  

When I’m not writing, I like to read about AI, robotics, and all those futuristic gadgets that can help with our evolution as human beings. 

Marija Pandurov

Marija Pandurov – Content Writer

As a former high school history teacher and radio news editor, I am curious about the possibilities of improving education systems on all levels regardless of students’ age and life path. 

For me, acquiring reliable and accurate facts about education and teaching is fundamental for enabling ourselves and others to form new ideas and find solutions to current issues.

Besides learning and teaching, my interests lie in psychology, fantasy writing, and developmental editing, as well as community management.


Urnesha Bhattacherjee – Content Writer

My background in English literature ignited my passion for equal access to education. I am especially interested in Digital Humanities and AI, which are buzzwords in the field of EdTech today.

To bring about access to education – be it in Humanities or STEM, educators must be in the know about the career options they can explore.

My aim is to walk them through the uncertainties of a job hunt. I hope to lead a small but significant change in the way we learn and teach. So, at Mark in Style, I love to write about the newest innovations in pedagogy and trace their roots in time-tested cognitive and behavioural theories.