What Is Neuroeducation? [And Why We Should All Embrace It]

Have you heard about neuroeducation? It’s a new, revolutionary process of learning, a combination of neuroscience and education.  Here’s the thing: Neuroeducation is basically the merger of biological and educational processes. Scientists are implementing it today because of the benefits it brings to the learning process. For instance, the intertwining of neuroscience and education helps […]

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25+ Alarming UK Exam Stress Statistics for 2020

Did you know that 50% of people with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14? Most of these cases have a stress-related background.  Stress in children may lead to deterioration of their mental health.  What’s more:  Teenage exam stress statistics show that more and more students want to know how […]

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19+ Study Abroad Statistics Every Student Should Know

Have you ever wondered how many students study abroad?  Worldwide, nearly five million students are enrolled in higher education institutions outside their country.  That’s huge! But it’s just one of the mind-blowing study abroad statistics we’ve prepared for you. The thing is: Students are increasingly aware of the many professional, social, and personal benefits of […]

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